Simple and Lovely Swedish Apartment

Thursday, April 30

arne jacobsen chairs
vintage leather chairs
dining room
marble tabletop
nordic style
arne jacobsen chair
bright apartment
If it was just for the kitchen, I had to post this apartment but there is definitely more to love. Lets start with the kitchen, gray for sure is a trend now and sometimes it works great sometimes less,  here I think it really fits perfectly. It is simple and elegant, with a marble tabletop and gold faucet, clean and nice. There is a simple dining table with Jacobsen chairs  and it seems that someone likes them here a lot as you can see these chairs in almost every room, they are wonderful so I perfectly understand.
Living room is spacious and simple which is a characteristic of the whole place and works very well in combination with all the vintage, mid century modern furniture. One thing I also need to mention is that the bedroom is really big here - like it.


Stylish Living at the Danish Countryside

Wednesday, April 29

work room
eames lounge chair
white scanidnaivan kitchen
black dining chairs

Bright, spacious, airy, just a few words that match the atmosphere of this 165 sqm villa outside Copenhagen. White is the dominant color here, nicely accompanied by black and pops of pinkish and yellowish tones, very nice and subtle effect.  I like the simple and  minimalist kitchen with a pretty selection of  design objects  and also the work room furnished with vintage furniture and thrifted goods. Simple and cozy place!


Graphic Designer's Colorful Apartment

pink wall dining table
wall decor
panton chair, bike on wall
black leather sofa
bright apartment

This colorful apartment, full of joy and fresh ideas is located in the heart of the old Copenhagen and belongs to a graphic designer Sabine Brandty. It is an amazing mix of colors,vintage items and curiosities combined into a positive and cheerful mix.

I usually not  like boldly colored walls but in a context of this apartment it works very well and especially the dining place or living area really benefit from the use of the pinkish paint, particularly in a combination with various wall decor that is really rich in some rooms of this apartment. . Another interesting thing is the wood used on the floor and some walls, it have a very rich wood grain creating interesting effect. What do you think about this place?


Simple and Whimsical Danish Townhouse

Tuesday, April 28

minimalist scandinavian home
arne jacobsen chairs
black and white floor tiles
pattern rug
retro bathroom
This townhouse from 1931,  styled in a simple, elegant and whimsical way is located on the East of Copenhagen and its owners did a really nice job with styling,  using old furniture and  vintage design. The furniture pieces they chose are  pretty much respect the age of the building and the selection is just spiced up with some mid century modern pieces like PK22 chair or Jacobsen chairs.

I really like the old herringbone parquet floor in the main living area, so full of character, same for the nice floor mosaic used in the bathroom. Dining room is one of the highlights here with a beautiful big bookshelf and a large windows and doors, giving the room lot of light and atmosphere. The same counts for the elegant, bright kitchen with a black and white floor tiles, it is a simple yet very elegant style I personally like a lot.


Coziness and Simplicity in a Small Scandinavian Apartment

Monday, April 27

gold candlestick
black and white rug
white room
white kitchen
string shelf
I Here we have another beautiful small Scandinavian apartment, atmospheric, simple, with a great combination of materials and colors, pleasure to see.
White, grays and black colors with a combination of pretty wooden floor - classic recipe for a bright and cozy home which works perfectly here. Decor is chosen very well, patterned textiles, black and white wall art, golden and copper items, perfect match. I really like the the small art wall above the bed.  Kitchen is I believe  a good old IKEA that never fails with some nice simple tiles up to to the ceiling, really like this approach.


Charmingly Cozy Cabin

Saturday, April 25

scandinavian cabin interior

white kitchen

old window decor

Immediately after Kara Rosenlund and her husband found this small cottage they felt in love with it and renovated it, painted everything white and furnished it with vintage furniture.
I really like this kind of cluttered yet elegant style they achieved here. It helps to build the cozy atmosphere of the place a lot, especially the kitchen is a perfect example of how the cluttered can be not unwanted thing but a nice effect, what is your opinion about this?


Classic Apartment with a Modern Twist

Friday, April 24

series 7 chair
dinign table
danish design
eames ltr table
dining room
area rug
orange chair
cozy bed
letter wall decor
small kitchen
Previously, this lovely flat was home of the first Danish Social Democratic Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning,  Today it is  Signe Bertelsen and her family, who lives here and decorated the place in a great way.
You can find an amazing variety for the Danish design all over the place, perfect selection of wall art which together it creates a perfect match. I definitely feel some positive vibes when watching the images of this home, there is always some eye catching thing in every room, like the lovely blue daybed, pretty pattern rug or a comfy vintage chair.  What do you like here?