Architect's dream home

Monday, October 31

Architect and designer Kasper Ronne designed his house in a very minimalistic way, main eyecatcher here is the concrete floor with epoxy finish which leads troughout the whole place and adding interesting contrast to the white walls and ceiling.

Wooden beams and raw wood furniture pieces adding warmth to the otherwise little cold interior of the house with the help of classic Eames furniture and other retro pieces.


Charismatic Swedish Apartment

Another real estare agency treasure, this 125sqm apartment is full of what I love about scandinavian interiors - there is a lot of  mid century furniture pieces  adding the place character, all is mostly white with colors popping  here and there plus lots of artworks on the walls, clean but not cold. BTW - Im a huge fan of those large double doors, so nice!


Original furniture by Christina Liljenberg Halstrom

Friday, October 28

Creations by designer Christina Liljenberg Halstrom are original and fun.  Theay leave a space for your own creation, so you can adjust them as you like.  I especially like the "Gym de Luxe" which consist of nicely shaped knitted pillows, wooden hanging hooks and floor mat.

Both pieces were awarded by the Danish Arts Foundation.


A House by the Sea in Sweden

Monday, October 24

Designer Marie Olsson Nylander and her husband Wlliam are owners of this beautiful sea house decorated with a a mixture of scandinavian and mediterranean style.

I really love the combination of rustic vintage pieces with mid century modern stuff - working so well here. And the view? Oh my- this is a killer, white floors, white ceiling, and a blue see - what a combination!


42 Square Meters of Scandinavian Coolness

Thursday, October 20

Another small and cool flat here! Nicholas Eis did a nice job to make this tiny place looks spacious and airy - using classic nordic scheme - white, black and natural wood .  I love the selection of artworks and small details like lamps, vases, candlesticks  etc - they giving the place a really nice feel.


Minimalitic Scandinavian Flat

Tuesday, October 18

Rikke Rasmussen, co-owner of Moshi Moshi designed her 140 square meters large flat in a minimalistic way which almost reminded me Japanese interiors. I love the use of classic danish modern pieces there, another proof how strongly they can add to the feel of the place.


Nordic Essence

Monday, October 17

The house above is what I imagine when you say "nordic style" - white and clean.  Look at this wonderful stove, looks so great in this place, the contrast it makes and the texture of wood... Place is also spiced up by classic Eames pieces -  ideal combination!


Nice Lighting by Coco Flip studio

Thursday, October 13

I like the style of the Melbourne based Coco Flip studio - their retro inspired pendants, especially COCO PENDANT are very cool designs to add to your stylish home!


Optimistic Colourful House in Portugal

Wednesday, October 12

This interior decorated by Monica PenaguiĆ£o is essence of pure happyness and optimism. Bold colors, decorative patterns and selection of famous design pieces. Im not like the wallpapers in the dining room so much but the lobby with the staircase is really cute!


Amazing Factory Apartments in Stockholm

I smell luxury when Im looking at those amazingly clean images of perfectly styled apartment located in the "straw hat factory" location - three factory buildings from the turn of the century in Stockholm. (maybe those are just very good visualisations and not actual photos - but they are great anyway )

Inside you find many great things like classical eames furniture, danish modern & also contemporary design pieces. (I love the blue painted danish modern table on the last photo!)  Everything is combined with a great taste, decent tones , and  a little bit of color pops to spice things up.


Happy Monday Interor Shots

Monday, October 10

Today I want to share with you a few shots from analeenashem blog - they are from her regular monday snapshots post, and I must say they brightened my autumn monday wonderfuly.

I really love her decorating skills & sense for clean airy style, such a cool place, again only black and  white + natural wood is present, not any bold colors - still the interior is fantastic. Workspace corner with arranged empty frames and glass bottles is my favorite!


Friday Sweets - New Gubi Catalogue Photos

Friday, October 7

Photos from Gubi´s new catalogue are wonderful, styling, place and of course their products - all top notch. I like that they also incorporated  classic mid century danish modern furniture to the shots. All in all the new catalogoue  is real eyecandy!