East London Meets Scandinavia

Tuesday, April 9

This four-storey Victorian terrace in east London is clearly inspired by the great Scandinavian interior design traditions. And it is done so well here, white, wood, vintage furniture, clean and spacy. Really a lovely place!


New Pieces in My Collection

Monday, April 8

In past weeks I got some cool new items for my mid century modern collection.  All is made in Czech Republic in around 60s-70s. I especially love the tall striped vase!

Fantastic Apartment in Stockholm

This extraordinary 161 square meters large apartment belongs to Charlotte Pettersson who works at Swedish magazine Sk├Âna hem. It is currently for sale and I would like to know why - as this place i amazing.

It is more colorful than it is common in Scandinavian homes I'm posting, mostly thanx to a rich use of various ornamental wallpapers and fabrics.

Airy Danish Apartment

Tuesday, April 2

Kizzy and Tim's 115-square-foot apartment is a large, open space with bath, kitchen, dining room and cozy lounge. Interior is minimalistic, with a huge use of mid century modern classics,  nice!

There is a very cool color scheme of black, white and yellow-green color accompanied with a natural wood.
This combination works very well, I personally like it a lot.

And again - you can see huge dining table here, wish I could afford to use one whole room as a dining room only, with a huge table and some beautiful chairs (Wishbones for the win!).