Early Christmas Decor in Scandinavian Home

Thursday, October 30

Home of TV host Signe Lindkvist is already full of Christmas decor done in a very stylish way. This luxurious 280 square meters apartment is bright, spacious and full of nicely mixed decor. In most parts, it is clean and minimalist but have some "cluttered" cozy corners which makes it very personal. There is also some nice use of art, adding important color contrast to otherwise white color scheme of the home.


Playful Interior Inspiration

Wednesday, October 29

Looking at those colorful, cheerful and playful interiors really makes me feel happy. What a great range of amazing interiors. Dutch photographer Hans Mossel have some pretty good eye for finding those unique places. I can say that every photo in his set is a small gem. All have that extremely lovely mood, combining the vintage furniture, rustic elements and bright colors. Such an wonderful experience.


Amazing Villa in Aarhus

Monday, October 27

Oh well, this house is really nice, who would say it is old villa from 1934. Interior is a beautiful showcase of a modern  design aesthetics with a typical Scandinavian spirit.  In every room there is a perfect selection of various decor and fitting furniture, working great together. One of the things that I like a lot here, are the naked bricks, which have very pleasing pale tone, helping to complete that calm and cozy, warm look of the whole place. Also, the big, massive wood dining table in the kitchen is something to love!


Maximum Fun in a Miniature Apartment

Saturday, October 25

The duo of designers 'Space Brut' are behind this charming redesign of a 55 m2 apartment in Madrid.
Even the place is small, it indeed have a rich atmosphere and very sophisticated look. There is some eye catching art or design piece in every room and overall, the apartment creates impression of a much larger space.  All in all I absolutely like the mixed style of this home, with all the art, modern  and mid century decor and furniture. Great taste to combine various elements are perfectly put together here.


Tiny Dutch Apartment

Friday, October 24

Interior designer and stylist Brechtje Troost currently lives in this 60 square-meter apartment situated in the brick townhouse, dating from 1890, in central Amsterdam. All the home is full of vintage objects and decor, carefully put together, creating nice, cozy atmosphere. I like the idea with the small cabinets hung on the wall as the shelves and of course, this big danish modern sideboard!


Mid Century Awesomeness in a Swedish Apartment

Wednesday, October 22

arne jacobsen lamp

This is an lovely example of blending mid century modern Scandinavian design with contemporary pieces at home. My favorite place here is the living room with the teak sideboard and white colored String shelf.  This is that kind of a small ordinary apartment where the skilfully chosen decor and furniture made it something unique and instantly lovable.


Playful Danish Apartment

Tuesday, October 21

Nanna Thoustrup describing his home as humorous and playful. And really, it contains some fresh, positive vibes, even the most of the home is black and white, the living area is creative combination of wood pallets, OSB boards and colorful textile and wall paint.


Small Apartment filled with Danish Modern

Sunday, October 19

Second-hand dealer and stylist Dede Ingerslev has decorated his house with a beautiful selection of mid century modern designs. It works just right when the white Scandinavian interior is filled with teak danish modern furniture and some accent colors. Here it is a blue color and it is used sparingly but gives enough interest to the place.