Exotic Vibes in Copenhagen

Friday, January 29

Home of blogger Karina von d'Ah has a nice mixture of a classic Scandinavian aesthetics with a rich use of exotic, flowery motives. Main accent color here is a purple used against mostly white and pale gray tones.  Although it may be a bit too wild at some places I think it is an interesting take on the classic Nordic interior decor. I love the wood paneling in the living room and also the large art wall in the dining room here.


Home with a Natural Elegance

Wednesday, January 27

Marie Worsaae’s apartment is beautifully done in the natural color palette consisting of green, coral red and creamy gray tones.  There is a nice mix of Scandinavian design with rustic pieces and a common everyday objects. I really like the kitchen style - the combination of wood cabinets, green wall and black lamps is interesting and cozy. Another lovely detail is the use of coral red at the mostly white spots in the house,  it looks really fabulous.


Small and Cozy Brooklyn Loft

Tuesday, January 26

This lovely loft apartment belongs to a couple of designer and architect, Nora & Adam. When they bought this 60 square meters large apartment, they did some major reconstructions as the place was originally divided into four rooms (hard to believe, right?).

The result is great and charming. I love the kitchen design and the light used. Living area looks unbelievably spacious and cozy for a such small interior, it is furnished with mid century furniture  and contains super cool pipe wall shelf!


Lofty Scandinavian Apartment

Monday, January 25

There is something special about this place, although Scandinavian in nature, it has a bit of lofty New York style to it, it looks like this to me  probably because of the naked bricks and guitars on the wall as the rest of the home is full of typical Nordic design pieces, anyway, this apartment stands out. I like that the two main rooms are separated by steps. Overall the place is very cozy and warm, having a natural, calm feel thanks to a lot of wood and well chosen ornamental textile patterns used.


Clean and Sophisticated Apartment

Saturday, January 23

I really like the atmosphere here. It has a very clean design, with muted, grayish colors and using mustard yellow as an color accent. I can almost scent some Japanese vibes here in some parts. Gray kitchen with gold tap and design hob looks cool and the dining setup is very lovely.


Stylish One Room Apartment

Thursday, January 21

Sometimes less is more, especially if you know how to do it. This cozy, cute and tiny apartment is just 45 square meters large and it contains everything you need. There is a large kitchen with a nice dining place  (and beautiful SMEG fridge) and comfy living room area. I love the white floor and the large count of windows here which gives this place an amazing amount of light and the high ceiling also adds a spacious feel. .


Interiors with Amazing Rugs

Tuesday, January 19

Take a look at how a well-chosen rug can set the tone of a room. I found some nice examples on Pinterest.

Amazing colors here, it really cheer up the room. Of course that cute wall art helps a lot too.

You can hang them on wall too, it creates a cozy and calm atmosphere. 

Lovely minimalist rug with pastel colros from Ferm living.

This gorgeous colorful rug works pretty well in this dining room,  positive and cozy atmosphere.

Large room with a variety of different rugs - another nice idea with a great result. More here.

Black and white rug in a black and white room - classic nordic combination with a clean and sophisticated look.

Colors and retro style furniture, happy, playful combination! 

Another nice wall rug from Ferm, simple and clean, yet totally makes an impact.