New Cathrineholm inspired poster print

Tuesday, October 30

I just finished my latest Cathrineholm print  that was in the making for some time now... Hope you like it.
It is available in my shop here.

Nordic Aesthetics

Home of  Hanne Berzant is a great showcase of the classic Nordic interior styling. White, wood, mid century furniture, rustic elements, all combined with a great feeling.  I really love the styling, atmosphere and the brightness of  this place.


Supercool 19th Century Apartment

Wow, this place surely have an atmosphere, one must adore those high, decorated ceilings - wonderful! It is the busy kind of interior, almost overfilled with lots of  items, decor and  various pieces of furniture, as much as I like the clean minimalistic style, I love this, just look at the "art wall" behind the sofa!


Art and Clean Decor in a Cozy Family House

Wednesday, October 24

Bridget and Sebastian has transformed their house into a modern and functional family home full of light, art, design and cool decor.  There is a  very cool selection of furniture all over the place, and I like a books laying everywhere - books make every place much more cozy!


Loft Full of Colors & Vintage

Friday, October 19

Designer Caroline Gomez reworked former workshop of jukeboxes and pinball machines to a stylish and very unique living space. There is interesting use of different shades of various colors creating something like "zones" throughout the whole interior. All is accompanied by a very nice selection of vintage mid century modern furniture.


A Home Decorated with Heart

Thursday, October 18

In some places, you can really feel that owner gave his whole heart into making them lovely. Same feeling I have when watching this cozy house of Camilla Tange Peylecke.

I really like the mixture of the mid century / eclectic styles that can be seen throughout the whole place!


New Decorative Poster Prints from ReStyle

Monday, October 15

Here are some of my latest poster prints designs available at ReStyle shop, hope you like them. If anybody is interested, you could use ILOVERESTYLE coupon code for 15% off.  All prints can also be made in different smaller / larger sizes.

1.) Home is wherever I´m with you
2.) Life is like a riding bicycle
3.) Scandinavian tea cups
4.) You shine today

Pops of Color in a Cozy Scandinavian House

What a lovely house, clean, white and enriched by a pops of some lovely colors. Again I must adore the dining area  - here with some really cool wall decor combination.


Louis Poulsen Lights & House of Tenka Gammelgaard

Friday, October 12

Louise Poulsen, the company making lights designed by such a great names as Arne Jacobsen or Poul Henningsen recently presented a new promo shots that were taken in a house of artist Tenka Gammelgaard. I'm a huge fan of both Arne Jacobsen and Poul Henningsen and I love those images, I think that all lights fits wonderfully into that place and I cant wait when I will move to my new house where I plan to use Henningsen lights a lot.


Hukit Chair

Thursday, October 4

I just discovered this cute chair designed in 1967 by a cabinet maker Kaj Høffer Larsen for Hubert and Kitte Trojaborg, who at that time owned the company Hukit. I really like the styling of the photos and of course chair looks very nice and is aviable in many cool colors!


Beautiful Photos From a New Muuto Catalogue

Tuesday, October 2

One of the last projects of the wonderful photographer Petra Bindel are these fantastic photos from the new catalogue of the Dutch company Muuto. I really like the nice pastel pink, yellow & turquoise colors that they are using for the line and  the styling is so beautiful!


Mid Century Modern Lovers Paradise

Monday, October 1

These great shots are from the Reeves Residence by Chris Nguyen and I must say that this is one of the coolest mid century modern themed interiors I ever seen.  Just look at all those great vintage furniture pieces, decor and artworks - wonderful, so many stuff to adore.