Mid Century Eclectic Luxury Home

Friday, May 31

Nice example of how the eclectic style could be spiced up with a bit of a classic mid century modern furniture.  Oh, and that dining table is HUGE!

Small and Cool Flat in Copenhagen

Monday, May 27

This originally two bedroom apartment of just 68 m² was recently redesigned  in a really stylish way.
Even small, it is airy and feels very well balanced.  Whole place is set in a black, red and blue scheme which  perfected here.


Cozy and Stylish Apartment by Mette Helena Rasmussen

You must simply adore how the stylist  Mette Helena Rasmussen transformed this empty place into  such a cozy and fun place.

The lilving room altough it may be a bit too "girly" looks awesome with the touch of pink and cool wall art composition.


Photographer´s House in Hellerup

Thursday, May 23

This classic 1906 villa in Hellerup was beautifully restored  and is currently home of one of Denmark's most talented photographers, Franne Voigt and his family.

There is a very decent color palette of brown, black and white only disrupted by the few yellow accents - works fantastic.


Colorful Oasis Near the Forrest

Wednesday, May 15

Anne-Dorthe Schroeder and her family live only near the forest in this cheerful 127 m² house. Full of colorful patterns, art and nice retro furniture, it have a  truly optimistic feel.


Unique House in Notting Hill

Tuesday, May 14

Looks like everybody is selling their beautiful houses right now. Another currently for sale is here. This fantastic two bedroom converted warehouse apartment in Notting Hill screams "unique".
You may admit that  it is maybe too busy with various decor styles, but it  looks extraordinary for sure!


Beautifull Apartment in Malmö

Sunday, May 12

Another home for sale, another gem. Beautifully designed by  interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, this apartment is just great. I love the selected furniture and lighting here.

PS: anybody knows the designer of the leather chair? I forgot...


Airy Minimalistic Scandinavian Apartment

Thursday, May 9

Airy and clean, this minimalistic apartment is currently for sale at Swedish Alexander White. It always, I mean always amazes me what could be bought from Scandinavian real estate agencies, amazing.

Super Chic Scandinavian Apartment

Monday, May 6

Another great apartment  from Scandinavia here. This one belongs to architect and artist Anne Boysen Lorenzen. Really stylish combination of black, white and colorful artwork accompanied by Eames chairs, Arne Jacobsens lamps and other mid century modern classics creates a wonderful atmosphere.


Art Filled Architects House in Denmark

Sunday, May 5

So cool, I really love how this place is filled with wall art, really adds to the atmosphere. Combined with the   nice  selection of  retro furniture this home is supercozy!


Awesome Victorian House in North London

I love this place, really well done. Amazing mix of old and new stuff.  Bright and Fresh.