Mid Century Modern in the Amazing Functionalist Villa

Tuesday, June 30

large gold sputnik pendant
danish modern dining set
funkcionalist villa
kjaerholm daybed
poul henningsen lamp
large window
modernist table
large mirror
henningsen lamp
retero bathroom

Welcome in a home of Thomas Schlosser, owner of  the vintage furniture store called KLASSIK situated on the Broad Street in Copenhagen. This functionalist villa in Charlottenlund built in 1936 has been furnished with an amazing mid century modern designs. There is a high amount of the pieces from the best Scandinavian designers, especially the lights are remarkable here from the Impressive Artichoke to  Jacobsens table lamps. All these modernist designs are skillfully combined with a vast amount of modern art. This place really screams with exclusivity and perfection, love it. How about you?


Beauty in Simplicity

Monday, June 29

bright living room
nordic design
white room
white apartment
scandinavian dining chairs

I love the simplicity and clear elegance that is present in this 71m² apartment. In this almost monochromatic interior, decor is what makes the place work. It is subtle but made with a great care. Artwork, clever use of wall mirrors or placement of the plants, everything is balanced and well mixed together. There is really a beauty in simplicity. Do you agree?


Simplistic Apartment in Gray and Brown

Friday, June 26

This small 50 square meters apartment recently underdone a massive renovation and now includes a cool concrete looking walls which are beautifully contrasting with the natural brown colors of the leather and wooden furniture and also the green plants. It is a very nice effect that work extremely well with the simplistic and minimal style of the place. The kitchen also includes metal cabinets and retro, industrial lamps. This industrial approach is making  the overall look even more unique and chic. How do you like it?


Vintage and Retro Apartment

Wednesday, June 24

Today let´s take a look inside of this spacious Scandinavian apartment. It is furnished with a very nice mix of historical pieces and mid century modern, done in brown and gray color scheme. It fits together very well and creates a nice feeling of a decency and  luxury. Definitely love the dining / home office area, with the Jacobsen chairs, large dining table and pretty bookshelf and artwork. The gray on the walls makes the wood tones  really shine. What do you think?


White, Bright and Amazing Scandinavian Apartment

Tuesday, June 23

mdoern design interior
white room
oriental rug


Home of the Paprika Steen is a real gem. It is bright, clean and furnished with a touch of uniqueness. Located in the luxurious apartment in the district of Frederiksberg, it is just another great showcase of the modern Scandinavian style. The main thing is a contrast of pure white with a lot of color accents creating a very distinct atmosphere. There is a lot of vintage elements thrown in and the style here is spiced up with some eclectic approaches but not overdone with this. Really well done, what is your opinion?


Interiors with Cacti and Succulents

Sunday, June 21

cactus glass terrarium
cacti and succulents
cactus planter

Lately, I became quite obsessed with cacti and succulents, I really love those crazy shapes and also how well they work as a part of interior decor. Here is some inspiration from pinterest which I think is worth looking at. How about you, do you like cacti or you prefer classic plants or both?