Spectacular Parisian Apartment with Mid Century Modern Furniture

Sunday, February 28

This is one of the best interiors I saw in a long time. I just love this place. This large Parisian apartment, which is actually available for rent through airbnb is looking simply stunning. The basis - beautiful wood paneling,  rich stucco, extra large windows and marble fireplaces is already amazing, but the interior is also furnished with a great selection of mid century modern pieces and contemporary design.  This combination is simply perfect.

There is a nice use of dark painted walls and doors in some rooms, especially the dining room looks super cool with the dark gray wall and in the bedroom, this effect is used also to great effect. The way how the workspace area was executed is also interesting, there is actually place for two people and it is connected with a huge built in library.


Spacious Apartment in an Old Factory Building

Friday, February 26

Today, let's visit another lofty interior in Scandinavia with a selection of great ideas and decor. Julie Rosendahl, owner of this fantastic apartment says that the building is incredibly ugly from the outside. It may be true, but the fact is, that the interior here is lovely.

Large industrial lamps and filled library topped with art and design pieces sets the mood in the living area while in the kitchen, minimalist light blue cabinets are contrasting with danish modern dining chairs.  The sleeping area is separated from the rest of the place by a wonderful factory window which is really an amazing element here.


Organic Apartment in Taiwan

Wednesday, February 24

Taiwan-based HAO Design designed this joyful place with a lot of plants and playful elements.  I love the various colors used on the many of the cabinets here which also serve as a separation of the opened place to a various zones (kitchen, dining, living...).

In the dining area there is a plenty of beautifully made storage space and also a place for the piano. On the right side you will find a huge white library with an interesting stairs / shelves leading probably to kids room. All the interior have a very natural, organic atmosphere which creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Lucid Scandinavian Interior

Beautiful place. I live the bright, airy palette consisting mainly from the white color and wood tones combined with leather and copper details.  The whole place looks cozy and atmospheric and the chosen decor  -  minimalistic and simple helps to make this small place look spacious and clean.  I really like contrast of the white, simplistic kitchen with the wooden Arne Jacobsen chairs in the dining area.


Yellow and Gray Interior with Industrial Influence

Tuesday, February 23

It is quite unusual color scheme for a Scandinavian interior but if you look closely you will find that the aesthetic is there. I like how consistently the apartment is decorated with this two color scheme. In every room you will find a yellow accent piece, being it a couch, chair or a painted wall. Owners for sure love industrial style also as there are some amazing factory lamps used and metal furniture as well.


Wonderful Mid Century Modern Apartment in Spain

Sunday, February 21

Home of decorator Mikel Irastorza has a true vintage spirit and combines together a love for art and mid century modern design.  I really adore this look with exposed white bricks, patterned rugs, modernist art and some very cool mid century furniture and pottery.  The living room here is probably my favorite place in the apartment as it looks totally gorgeous and is filled with some great stuff like (string shelves!) .  In the kitchen / dining area there is a cool dividing wall with a lot of openings in it supporting the fantastic 50/60s look here.