Simply Wonderful Apartment

Tuesday, September 25

Wow! This place is almost perfect -  Living room, dominated by the cool danish modern sofa, stylish work place with a very cool lighting,  minimalistic kitchen and of course huge dining area with a great combination of mid century chairs by Eames and Arne Jacobsen.  

It is clearly visible that it is located inside some 1900s house and I must say I love those kind of places, especially when original wood paneling is still present. Overall this place is a huge inspiration for my new place. Unfortunately source of the pics is unknown.

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Two Sweet Scandinavian Interiors from Elle Interior

I found those nice photos from the recent Swedish Elle Interior and I instantly fell in love with both places. Especially the spacious kitchen in the first one is wonderful along with the black and white themed bathroom - I want some tiles like this in my new bathroom as well.

photography by Patric Johansson

Designers Apartment in Antwerp

Sunday, September 23

I´v got an e-mail from a graphic designer Davy Dooms that he recently finished renovation of his new 850-square-foot apartment located in an Art Nouveau house in Antwerp. I think that it ended up wonderfully - result is a clear, airy space with a decent but very stylish mid century decor. And of course - the fireplace is absolutely gorgeous!

Photography by Niko Caignie.

Chic and Clean House in Spain

Wednesday, September 19

I love retro styled, scandinavian design filled interiors but sometimes even minimalistic, clean space catches my eye. I totally like the kitchen with the massive wooden table and set of Eames chairs and also the cozy living area.


Nordic Elegance

Sunday, September 16

I really like the decent color scheme used in this lovely apartment decorated by Mood House. There is a nice combination of old and new decor all over the place and also some very clever styling ideas.

Highlight here is for sure the living room with the very cool pendant lights and variable shelving unit but also the work area is very nicely decorated with all the small details like artwork or work tools on wall.

Happy house of AprillAprill

Friday, September 14

I really like this positive, playful house of blogger AprilApril - lots of nice artwork and vintage Scandinavian items everywhere. My favorite place is the kitchen and a  wonderful dining area ( love the string unit there!)


Beautiful mid century modern themed house

Wednesday, September 12

This is really a wonderful example of mid century styled house, there is almost everything you may like about this era, from Scandinavian to American design icons - Poul Henningsen, Stig Lindberg, Cathrineholm,  Eames, Nelson, Noguchi and much more of sweet things can be spotted around the place.


Beautiful Scandinavian Villa

Tuesday, September 4

This 360 m²  1920s house is inhabited by a family of Lisette Bernhoff, woman behind Design by Us  - so no wonder that whole place is very nicely styled and full of gorgeous design objects.

Whole interior is strongly based on black and white contrast, the floor here is almost black which is not so common choice, but in combination with snow white walls it looks really nice!


A photographer´s house

Photographers Joachim Harvesting and Maria Sattrup shares this gorgeous 200sqm large apartment where they can both live with their children and also have lot of room for working (I'm really jealous about such space!)

I really like the colorful accents created by various accessory items and wall art and of course the selection of furniture containing classical mid century danish modern pieces,  very pretty.