Simple and Elegant Scandinavian Villa

Thursday, July 31

wishbone chair

black pendant lights

scandinavian nursery

This 130 square meter villa mixes vintage design classics with new designs, creating  simple and elegant style with a lot of personality. Everything is clean and airy, but full of chic decor and shines with a truly welcoming atmosphere.


Art deco house with mid century style

Wednesday, July 30

retro furniture

tom dixon lamps

yellow mid century chair

Lovely  symbiosis of the two eras, charming Art deco house furnished with mid century modern design furniture. This combination works really nicely and the playful colors of retro furniture adding a bit of spice.


Cozy Minimalist House

Tuesday, July 29

mid century modern furniture

design kitchen

modernist  pendant light

scandinavian pattern pillow

1950s  house of architect Anders Barslund  is nice example of delicately done renovation. It is very clean, spacious and bright, but also use some colored walls, rich decor and nice mid century modern furniture. Definitely nice place to be and kitchen is really big - must be nice to cook there.


Monday Eye Candy

Monday, July 28

colorful wall art

Hope you all having nice start of the week. Here is some nice positive place for you, shot by photographer Derek Swalwell would love to see more photos of this place!

Bright, Black and White Scandinavian Apartmen

Sunday, July 27

 scandinavian apartment

airy home

big doors

natural wooden floor

black and white decor

Oh my, this is really nice. Bright, clean, black and white - pure Scandinavian. The living room looks beautiful, with the white furniture and contrasting dark grey sofa and decor, everything is very well balanced.


Black, Red and White Interior in Copenhagen

Thursday, July 24

butterfly chair

sandinavian design

art in kitcheb

bedroom decor

Another Scandinavian delight here, now from Copenhagen. Amazing use of black and red color  contrasting with otherwise white interior. Furnishing is very minimalist but selected with a great taste.


Colorful Artists House in Melbourne

Wednesday, July 23

pantone chair

beautiful decor

colorful rug

This colorful and happy house belongs to artist Miranda Skoczek. It is a really a positive bright place, full of  popping colors and  cool art. I like the rich use of nicely patterned rugs in each room and overall style of the decor, which gives the place a very distinctive characteristic.


A House with Pop Colors

Tuesday, July 22

retro pop design

modern design kitchen

bedroom with large windows

This house hidden in a verdant greenery has been designed by architects firm Kruger Roos in Cape Town. It is really beautiful, how it looks that it is surrounded by jungle, magnificent view.
Interior of the house is designed with big creativity, using many scandinavian mid century modern designs but also almost  60s - 70s pop art, psychedelic colors.


Parisian Apartment Full of Sweet Design

Monday, July 21

Parisian apartment

Danish modern

wall art

design bedroom

Interior designer Sandra Benhamou spent a long time living in New York and London working in the film industry and without doubt she have some good taste for mid century modern and contemporary design. You can see it everywhere in her marvelous Parisian apartment. The place is filled with countless beautiful mostly vintage design pieces, truly an eye catching.


Cozy, Bright and Stylish Scandinavian Home

Thursday, July 17

A sense of DIY is evident in Dorthe Kvists' home full of home-built tables, shelves and small, unique sculptures. With the help of her husband, she created a home where her great passion for interior design and nature come together. The wall art and danish modern furniture combined with some newer design elements creates really positive cozy atmosphere here.

Wednesday Beauty

Wednesday, July 16

colorful living

Very nice combination of colors here, I like the almost oriental feel this space have. Happy Wednesday to all!


Eames in Blue

Tuesday, July 15

verber panton lamp
stylish dining room
scandinavian house
elegant kitchen

Very nice and inviting home. The blue Eames dining chairs work so well in that beautiful large dining room. Kitchen in classic black and white scheme looks very chic and living room  uses nice colorful scheme, utilising cool typographic posters and pillows.


A Black and White Home in Copenhagen

Monday, July 14

scandinavian apartment

stylish kitchen

chalkboard in kitchen

Britt Ahlefeld Engel decided to decorate her home in a black and white fashion. A built-in bookcase with base cabinets give space to various little objects. The grey sofa is from Idemøbler. The family's favorite room is the kitchen, where a couple of Tolix chairs complement the dinig table from Ikea.


Happy Weekend

Sunday, July 13

ph5  pendant, eames bird

Happy weekend to all readers,  hope it is sunny, if not, maybe this beautifully designed  kitchen will warm
and cheer you up.

A Rustic Apartment of a Collector From Australia

Friday, July 11

Australian interior
white rustic kitchen
natural tones interior
beautiful rustic kitchen

This amazing apartment is filled with vintage treasures. The owner, Kara enriched her home with pieces she found during her travels round the world, making this 1890s cottage in Australia truly special.The muted, natural tones in coloring and high ceilings make the space very light and airy, yet grounded.