Invisible Storage for your Precious Collection

Thursday, June 30

Those "Curiosity Boxes" made from Acrylic glass are great for storing your most precious items in your collection, as they are almost invisible you can put them even into small space whitout causing it to look too filled up.


Sunny Beach House in Cape Town

Another example of how cool can the small place be, this little beach house belonging to Belgian/South African couple is very  sweet!

It certainly have the scandinavian feel - white floors, white walls, very clean and full of light, this combined with nicely selected furniture (those wooden chairs are great) creates wonderful atmosphere as made for summer relaxing.


A Mid-Century Loft in São Paulo

Wednesday, June 29

Today we have here a great Loft owned by Mauricio Arruda.  The 150 meters squared apartment went through major architectural renovation,  all the walls were knocked down except the central pillar that structurally holds the space together.

As the building is originally from 50´s Mauricio wanted to keep the modernist spirit here by adding wonderful old furniture and decorations, Mauricio is also  a collector of Brazilian modernist designer´s, many of the pieces  were found in local thrift stores,  the black painted floor is great idea that makes all the interesting items in the interior shine!


Slow Wood - Handmade Furniture from Fryslân

Tuesday, June 28

I love the furniture from Slow Wood company based in Netherlands, it have kind of raw natural elegance  which combined with nice colors creating wonderful concept.

Each piece is handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Fryslan, using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.


Piece of Summer from Svensk Ttenn

Those inspirational images from Svensk Ttenn really shine like summer sun - what a great atmosphere!

Svenskt Tenn is an interior design shop located  in Stockholm founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, they have a beautiful site full of nice items worht checking!


Inspiration from Aschebergsgatan 24

Monday, June 27

Aschebergsgatan 24  is a wonderful interior design shop of the Marie Bengtsson from Göteborg. You can find many great items there - check it out.  I really like those inspirational photos she have on the site - had to post them!

Summerhouse by the road

Oh those Scandinavian summerhouses - joy to be there!

When Madeleine Reuterswärd and Lars Erikson bought this house it was in very desolate state, but now it is marvelous place for escapes from the city rumble.  Interior is simple, clean & bright, even nice big dining table found its place in this little house with beautiful Wegner´s chairs around it.


Mid-Century in Portland

Sunday, June 26

This is  just one from the huge portfolio of a great interiors by Portland based  interior designer Jessica Helgerson .
Interior of this house is very decent, everything is mostly in white combined with dark brown and lighter wood tones supplemented by fresh green color  popping here and there. The living area with the fireplace, danish chairs, daybed and relaxing window view is  just supercozy.


Playful House filled with Goods

Saturday, June 25

I like the decor filled corners of this home. There is a pile of some cool items items everywhere creating my facorite "beautiful mess" feeling.  The living room on the other hand is very clean, with the interesting old wall map hanging above the sofa.


Work of Stylist Pippa Jameson

Thursday, June 23

I was reading Decor8 after a longer period of time and found some nice images from portfolio of English Stylist Pippa Jameson.  The white floor combined with some cool color ideas looks very nice here and  the wooden shutters makes the place look  very cozy.


Vedbaek House by Norm Architects

I like this bit "cold" looking  house by Copenhagen NORM.ARCHITECTS, the garden outside is very "wild" and "magical" which creating nice atmosphere and interesting contrast to very clean and minimalistic interior.
The round staits are great point of interest here too. I believethat  after the space will be used it could be super cozy.


Jacques Grange´s Dream House in Portugal

Tuesday, June 21

I especially like the kitchen in this house of French interior designer Jacques Grange, famous designer who decorated houses for Yves Saint Laurent & Caroline of Monaco.

Interior of the hosue which  is located in Portugal in the Alentejo region is influenced by Moroccan style, some of the furniture is also from Bali. There is a lot of Portuguese, Turkish and French pottery and porcelain everywhere from his personal collection. 


Concrete & Happyness in Madrid

Monday, June 20

Architects from studio Abaton did great work at this house - I really like the naked concrete in interiors - when it is done with feeling.

The hall with its more than 5m height feels  majestic, there is a nice combination of modern and retro furniture in the whole house, in the home office is a nice danish modern teak desk, in the living area can be seen restored Wegner´s chairs and vintage Butterfly Chair which retains its original leather (I like this).


Scandinavian Summer Hosue filled with Midcentury Gems

Sunday, June 19

This beautiful, small & cozy summer house of Kristian Lillelunds is wonderful - it combines the aesthetics of scandinavan living with classic midcentury furniture.

There are Eames eiffel chairs, Nelson´s Bubble lamps, Panton relaxer and many more. All retro items are in nice orange color whcih really pops out in the otherwise black and white house.