Lovely French Loft

Tuesday, February 19

This cute small French loft is owned by interior designer Camille and her partner, illustrator Marc - as they work from home, they needed a place that they can use both for living and work, with the help of interior architect William Terver, they've created a place that is satisfies their needs.

I really like the combination of decorative fabrics,  mid century and rustic furniture plus large use of wood panelling - truly distinctive style


Scandinavian Photographers House

Tuesday, February 12

House of a photographer Mette Wotkjær follows Scandinavian tradition - black and white. But as always it is no way boring or depressing, it is clean, bright and decorated with a great taste. I really like the selection of chairs in this house!


Fabulous Black & White Apartment

Tuesday, February 5

This home is a gem - love the look of it! Located in Østerbro, Denmark, this is great example of a Scandinavian interior: Black, White...and brown. I really love the all the furniture here, Barcelona chairs in brown looks fab as a contrast to white  and the whole dining - Eames chairs filled - place is to die for!