Acne JR - Modern Toys from Sweden

Monday, May 30

Above are some samples of  a new line of cute & stylish toys made by Stockholm based Acne JR - part of the Acne Family company group, founded in 1996.

Toys have a modern design  look but also feels very traditional, and well - I believe not only kids will like them!

My favorite is the wooden skull container, I always was fan of skeletons since childhood :)


Sofie and Mikkel´s 1966 Family House

Here we have another nice renovated micentury house, this time from Denmark, occupied by architects Sofie Ladefoged and Mikkel Schlesinger.

Interior is almost minimalistic, and if there is something it is something cool - Noguchi coffee table, Stingray rocking chair, and many more great design furniture pieces. 


Home of Danish Designer Birgitte Rabens

Sunday, May 29

On the web of Spanish Elle I found home of Danish designer Birgitte Rabens - it is very nice combination of traditional scandinavian style combined with "oriental"  details and vintage, aged furniture.

 I like those big pendant lamps above dining table - anybody knows what they are? 


Patric Johansson Photography

Friday, May 27


 Today I stumbled across great photography portfolio of Patric Johansson working for Swedish Söderberg Agentur.  He have some awesome images there, so I picked up some sweetest ones, but I sure be back for more in the future!

Enjoy weekend everybody! 

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Thursday, May 26

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Marcus Lawett Photography

Wednesday, May 25

Today I found portfolio of Malmö based photographer Marcus Lawett 
and here are some bright and very positive pictures from his portfolio.

(there are Bersa cups on one of photos, yeaah!)

Mid-Century Modern Inspired House in Madrid

Tuesday, May 24

This Madrid house build in midcentury modern style is almost like museum of great 60s designs!

You will find there everything iconic from Eames to Pantont , and also the architecture & color scheme is close to old good case study houses but of course with a contemporary add to it.

Whole house looks like fun,  there is lot of interesting things (fireplace!) and great nature view, very well Madrid!


Trine and Mads White Oasis

Well I know it starting to sound repetitive but...I love those white scandinavian interiors, and again this Copenhagen house is really great!

There is everything that makes a nice living, midcentury modern furniture, some vintage furniture and of course lot of light, space and  good design.  Great idea is the "reading room" under the roof - looks like modern shrine, great for medidative relaxing for sure!

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Beautiful Apartment in Linnéstaden

Oh, I sooo like this apartment.  The building is from 1905 and this really gives it atmosphere!
White walls, white floors, natural wooden tones - yes we know this, we love this (at least I do).
Real gem there are tiled stoves, so nice. Of course there are some classic midcentury pieces like eames RAR chair, Wishbone chair, componibili... elegant, clean and full of character, this interior is just great!


Retro Eclectic Apartment in Barcelona

Monday, May 23

Im not big fan of classical eclectic deco style but this apartment have some nice contrast of classic and retro furniture which attracted my attention on first sight.
(and I did not saw green pantone chairs for a long time! :)


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Interior Photography by Sanna Lindberg

Friday, May 20

Above is selection of great interior shots by Stockholm based photographer Sanna Lindberg.
Im not sure if it is from one single home or not (but it looks like it coudl be), anyway those rooms are wonderful! 
Have a great weekend everybody!