Trendy Home in Camperdown

Thursday, April 28

Great combination of mdoern and new in this Sydney home! 
I like how it is full of decorations an nice little ideas, and of course nice furniture pieces. Black painted floor is very interesting  not so often seen idea.  And what do you say on those huge doors leading to terrace right from the living room...

Oh BTW  - it is for sale now!

Annie Yngve´s Modernistic Bungalow

Former journalilst  Annie Yngve live in this cosy single storey house with an open design,  created by Lundquist & Andersson Architect & Builder.

I like the simplicity of the interior, with the visible beams,  and of course the cool furniture everywhere in the house.


Anna Lilja´s house in Stockholm

Thursday, April 21

Decorator and designer Anna Lilja moved to a Stockholm after she spent some time in London and Copenhagen. Her home is I would say in perfect symbiosis with those influences.

There is lot of 60s furniture as well as some 70´s  design objects. Anna like to buy her decorations and furnishings on auctionas and thrift stores and also making some of them herself.

I really like the little "instalation" with Bertoia´s diamond chairs,  face artwork  and little bookshelfes, which Anna made from mdf.


Villa Kjellström

Wednesday, April 20

I have discovered those nice photos of the "Villa Kjellström" - I can´t find any more info about the house, but the shots speak for thmeselves.  

There are very nice color combination all over the house contrasting with the bright white walls, and mostly white furniture. Very interesting is a fireplace whit its modernistic shape. 

If anyone have more infou about the hosue, feel free to post it in comments, thank you. 

photography by Stellan Herner

Bohemian residence in Copenhagen

Monday, April 18

Faded white, rustic elements combined with minimalism, that is Lotte Jensens  110 square meter  residences in the East of Copenhagen.

I like how it looks clean  but also full of great furniture and decor. Old wooden flooring, big windows, wide doors, all of this adding  great atmosphere to this place.


Hilda Grahnat´s Apartment

Sunday, April 17

Oh yeah! Apartment of 23 years old photographer and graphic designer Hilda Grahnat from Malmö, Sweden is so nice!

There is almost everything I like - danish modern furniture, Nise Strinnings regals!, funky MCM lamps, lot of art and various vintage, thrifted  treasures.  I also like the atmosphere of the photos - very nice natural light, yumm.

Check Hilda´s webpage 

Styling and photography by Hilda Grahnat

My Photos From 1958 - 1968 Polish Design Exhibition

Friday, April 15

Today I returned from my trip to Warzsaw, Poland. Main reason I was there was to visit this nice exhibition called "We want to be modern" focusing on polish design of years 1958 - 1968. It can be seen in National Museum in Warzsaw from february 4th to april 17th, 2011.

On the exhibition there is huge selection of applied arts of the 60s - ceramics, glass, textiles, furniture, porcelain etc. Altough I was most interested in Polish Porcelain (which is with Czechoslovakian mabye most interesting from 50s -60s period) I was absolutely amazed by the great decorative texitels hanging on walls - such a great patterns.

And here are some souvenirs - Catalogoue of the exhibition - very nicely done, exhibitiopn themed mug and - original vintage 60s porcelain vase I found in one of the thriftstores at the Old Town of Warzsaw - Im so lucky to have it, as it is best souvenier you can bring home when you visiing 60s design exhibition - genuine 60s vase!

Jörg Ebers Townhouse in Berlin

Monday, April 11

Just discovered this interesting  building  by the  architect Jörg Ebers  located at Berlin-Mitte's Auguststrasse. I like the combination of retro and modern elements, and of course those big unusual windows on the facade!  Highlight is the large living room with the violet carpet, midcentury furniture  and wall full of art.


Interior Photos from Lerkenfeldt Photograpy

Sunday, April 10

All those photo are so inspiring, I had to put them almost all from Lerkenfeldt Photograpy´s portfolio.
I will be repeating myself again, but those are beautiful, bright, clean spaces - Scandinavia rulez!

Summerhouse of dreams

This is what a summerhouse should look like in my imaginations, it would be nice to spend some hot summer days there!

found on

French - Danish fusion in Copenhagen

There is somethig French about this Danish interior - it is because its owners lived 5 years in Paris and their love for the city is reflected here very well. 
Lot of different wallpapers,  eclectic decorations,  feels very bohemian & chiq.