Eclectic Chic Apartment

Saturday, March 5

I was browsing some real estate agencies again and found this  68 m2 apartment in Göteborg.
Again altough small it looks very airy thanks to white floors and lot of light coming trough the many windows.

My fave is the bedroom with the cool pendant (that looks like some Moroccan version of Nelson´s bubble lamp. ) and nice vintage chair.

Also nice is the Black & White combination in the kitchen  and the "door shelf" containing various stuff  including my favourite vintage mushroom bowl by Kaj Franck

Åpent^hus said...

nice :)
these swedish real estate agents really have their own photo-style. very recognizable :)

by the way, do you like this?

I'm thinking I'll try to find some plates for my cups.
And what about Hans Wegner - he is one of my favourite furniture designers.

I see you have Sunburst clock - still on my wish list!! :)

Hope you are having a great weekend.
best wishes from
Open house blog, Norway

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