Style like Susanna Vento

Saturday, March 19

I´v decided to give you few tips if you liked the great interior of Susanna Vento´s flat in my latest post and you are not  sure what all the items are.

1) IKEA STOCKHOLM RAND  2) Eames Hang-It-All  3) Vitra Uten.Silo
4) Kartell Componibili 5) Eames DWR chair

There is also Ikea floor lamp and regal system. 
For the pillows, you could try etsy and for the old neon letters I would try Ebay.
Maria said...

My fav is the chiar... Happy Saturday

akasha said...

Hundreds of these spotted in Berlin!

Laura said...

Love the vibe these are giving off!

(Any chance you'd consider adding email/url to the 'comment as' options? None of the ones listed apply to me, really, and I've love to properly comment on your blog!)

Side note, I featured your awesome work a few days ago: Enjoy!

Jan Skácelík said...

Laura: Thank you very much, I saw it before - your blog is very cute!!

What do you mean about the email - just tell me, Im new in this "blogger" world...

Kotilo said...

She also has an amazing blog:

YOU also have a great blog! Thank You for that!

Jan Skácelík said...

Kotilo: Your blog is great too, I love the String system BTW, going to post about it too:)

Clover said...

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