Beautiful Yellow & White kitchen full of design classics

Friday, March 11

This kitchen cheered me up imediately - not only beacuse its hapyp color scheme but because it is full of my favorite stuff - Stig Lindbergs Bersa decored porcelain!  And that is not all - there are many design classics all over the place - I have made little "shopping list" at the end of the post!
1.) Stig Lindbergs Bersa line - some of the pieces were remade by Gustavsberg and are aviable here  2.)  This classic flip clock calendar is aviable here  3.) Eames Fiberglass Eiffel Tower Side Chair aviable here  4.)  Hee dining chair by HAY  5.)  Bricka plate by Formverket  6.) Stelton - magnussen thermal carafe

Åpent^hus said...

Isnt this great?
I think it was in Boligmagasinet dk
I did a post on it too :)

btw - I found that Gustavsberg has a little webshop, too:

have a great weekend!
best wishes, Open house blog

Jane Massey said...

I LOVE this kitchen! You have a very dangerous blog!! I have already spotted too many tempting purchases!

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