Colorful DIY Shelving made from IKEA boxes

Thursday, March 31

This is funny little idea - take some plywood IKEA "PRÄNT" boxes, paint insides with some nice pastel colors and connect them together, forming  interesting shape with paper clasps - result is cool, cheap shelving unit that can be used to store your design items, books or whatever you want.

It must be destiny, I was in paper store today and bought handfull of exactly same paprer clasps /in many colors including the same that are used inside the boxes/  before I found this :)

modernfindings said...

Very cute and wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool.
Unfortunately, i dont think IKEA produces these boxes anymore. Du you have any substitute solutions? I think it might be quite difficult to build them yourself, if youre not familiar with this kind of work.

Alysa said...

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