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Thursday, March 10

I was checking website of Swedish Sagaform to see if there are any new items in their line and how I was susprised! 

Those new decors are amazing!  I instantly felt in love  with the Keep pattern - must have some of those doses! Tea is a great choice for bold decorative teapot if you are looking for one - it make a great set together  with the cups they also offering. 

One thing I like about Sagaform is, that it is very affordable - so if you love mid century modern swedish design based on great patterns  you have a chance even if you are on a budget.

Missfirelake said...

I am crazy about your prints (in your shop). I wonder if the frame comes with it? And also - what is the postage?
Kind regards, Christine

Åpent hus said...

yes, we like
these prints are great!

Laura said...

I love sagaform. I should probably go back for more pieces - thanks for reminding me of them! :)

megi said...

Ihr Blog gefällt mir sehr!Ihre Beiträge über Architektur und Design sind sehr interessant!
mit freundlichen Grüßen

Marian N. Larsen said...

I loooooove sagaform... and these prints are stunning!

Merle said...

I really do like your blog and Sagaform, too! Your Etsyshop is great, I wrote a little article a while ago about your shop and blog! Look here
Greetings merle

Twiggs said...

sagaform is amazing!!! i wish i could find it in portugal!!!! :)

Jan Skácelík said...

Thank you christine! Just answered you at your blog.

Marie - that was nice post - thank you!

Twiggs - they not selling in Portugal? That is sad, they even have some of sagaform here in CZ (and there is nothing aviable usualy)

Unknown said...

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